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Tony Lloyd

Welcome! This is the official website of Tony Lloyd,

music composer for feature films, television and digital media.

Adventure Theme - Composer Tony Lloyd

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Tony Lloyd creates original compositions for film, television and digital media tailored to fit the vision of the client.


"My work is from the ground up for each project. Please listen to some of the featured work and feel free to contact me to talk about your requirements. No project or budget is too small and I will work with much dedication to bring you the results you are looking for.

I look forward to getting to know you and your work".


Tony Lloyd

"(The) Producers would like to make a very big thank you to Tony Lloyd for his wonderful music score. Viewers will be amazed by the quality compositions being created"

"The director added your two pieces of music with the visuals were giving him goosebumps of excitement and anticipation"

"Hi Tony, The producers loved this when presented with the visuals yesterday and they have asked for the further development of it"

In the studio with composer Tony Lloyd

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